Tiny Tanks


Use your keyboard to drive around and use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Tiny tanks is a fast-paced and exciting tank shooting game. Here, you need to carefully observe the positions of other containers, then adjust your shooting direction and movement to attack your opponent accurately. Killing them means victory in the game. Otherwise, it will fail.

Tiny tanks’ game operation

In Tiny shells, it is a game of pixels. Move through the direction keys, shoot with the left mouse button, and fire the bullets. In the process of the whole battle, the shots fired will rebound when they hit the wall. If the two shots hit together, the two will dissipate automatically; If you don’t evade in time and are hit by a ball from the other party, you will fail.

Tiny tanks’ Game Features

The operation of the overall game is simple; the picture is concise and not redundant, and will not cause visual fatigue. Secondly, in Tiny tanks, after you control the tank to kill your opponent, you will automatically open the next level. The overall situation of the game has three lives, namely the three hearts at the bottom. It is not only a shooting game but also a strategy game, which requires you to do an excellent job in all aspects of planning, to ensure that the opponent will be killed under attack because as the number of passes increases, the number of opponents increases and the difficulty doubles.

If you like shooting games, you can choose Tiny tanks;.  Play a container, be careful of the opponent’s attack in the process of moving.  You can only win the game if you successfully knock out your opponent’s blood.  Or choose awesome tanks 2, a strange game that is the same as the lottery. After you open the bricks, there may be many enemy troops.  Therefore, you must face it carefully.

If you want some puzzle games, you can choose logic puzzles, which can let you learn to broaden your thinking when thinking about problems, instead of being limited to the established framework.  Or want to play free Tetris, a game that emphasizes distortion elimination.  It would be best if you deformed the cube into a shape that is easy to embed before it falls so that it can form a row and then be eliminated.  The more you remove, the more points you can score.  Once the square blocks the top, the game will fail.

Azalea dolls is a design-oriented game. You will be able to dress up and design as much as you like here so that it can give people a bright feeling from top to bottom.  Many contents await your choice and collocation.